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  Last night, my husband and I were reflecting on our recent dive fatalities here in the Monterey area. He was commenting that we don't hear much about accidents or fatalities in other points of interest, such as skiing or snowboarding, unless its someone well known. I pointed out that if we lived up closer to the slopes, we probably would, in the local news, but that kind of stuff just doesn't make National news. The reason we here so much about the diving, is #1, we live in a dive community, and # 2, we're in that business, and I belong to most of the diving forums.  Well, after that discussion, I was looking through Yahoo news this morning as I normally do, and what do I find? That our latest fatality is in Yahoo's trending news, through ABC.  Amazing. We still don't know what happened or just who it was, all we know is that we lost two divers in one of our most pristine dive sites, Point Lobos. When we lose a diver here, it hits us all pretty hard as  we are a tight knit community. This time we lost two divers, partners. 

I will update this as I find out more about the situation.

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